10 Things to Avoid when Choosing a Web Designer

    1.) Will your site be able to handle a large number of visitors without going down?

    So, you have found a new web designer that offers a fair price to get your site up and running. Once your site is up and running you run a great marketing campaign; with immense success. Your visitor numbers are surging, and BOOM! Your site is down. Make sure your site is hosted on a reliable server, not all hosts are equal.

    2.) Does your designer speak fluent English?

    This is a big one, not only is the vast majority of code written in English, but when someone that isn’t fluent attempts to write your website content, you end up going back and forth over and over to get every last detail worded correctly. When everything is all looking good, you find out something isn’t working the right way. Try going back and forth with someone in India or China a few times explaining something you’re not so sure about yourself. Do yourself a favor and deal with someone that understands what you’re talking about.

    3.) Does the company ask for whole amount up front?

    Reputable designers don’t ask for the whole cost up front. There are a few reasons why. Sometimes for larger jobs it’s hard to tell exactly how much the final cost will be. A good company will usually be able to tell by experience how much the total will be but if they ask for it all up front, beware. Most designers will charge a deposit to cover the upfront costs of labor and will charge a final amount when the job is complete.

    4.) Will your new site be mobile and tablet friendly?

    These days most people view websites on mobile first and if they don’t like what they see, you just lost a potential customer. Any good designer knows this, if they don’t offer a “responsive design” that works on any device or screen size, run for the hills. Always be sure that your designer is building something that will work for every visitor.

    5.) Does your designer have a background in Marketing, Social Media or SEO?

    When building a new website, the goal is to provide information and value to your prospective visitors. when your site "looks Good", it does not mean it will necessarily perform well. If your designer doesn't build a site with visitors needs in mind, your throwing money out the window. Be sure that your design company has your goals in mind, so you get the best bang for your buck.

    6.) Will the designer charge you extra for revisions?

    When you have a promotion, or would like to add new pictures to your site to keep it fresh and new. Are you going to charged extra? A website is something that should be updated regularly to keep people coming back, or at the very least to stay relevant and up to date based on the changes of your business over time. Worst of all, some designers will get your site up and running, and you come to find out your contact form doesn’t work. Guess what? They can fix it, for a price. Don’t fall into that money trap.

    7.) You have a friend/cousin/etc. that knows how to do it.

    When it comes down to it, everyone knows someone that is a “computer” person. Most of the time this seems like the right way to cut costs and help your friend/family/etc. Every web designer has had many clients that have had to pick up the pieces from a terrible experience from an amateur “designer”. In the long run, your site takes ten times longer to get done (if at all) and looks a dozen times less professional than it should have. Rule of thumb, if you want professional work, go to a professional designer.