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Growing your Online Presence Through a Blog

Adding a blog to your website to increase SEO and pagerank

An online presence is essential to a business that wants to thrive today. Your online presence is how and where you can be found on the web. It’s your online representation, where you exist. It’s everything you share online, it’s everyone who follows you, it’s the way you describe yourself on your profiles, it’s about reaching out, as well as being there.

A well-written blog on your website can easily grow your online presence in a variety of ways.

1. More opportunities to be found: A blog can help get potential clients and customers to your website in the first place. Each post you publish on your blog is another page of your website that is indexed in the search engines. It is another chance for your website to be found by people searching the web. If your blog answers the questions of your target audience then more traffic will come to your website.

2. Opens the world of social media marketing: A blog can put you on social media where customers can find you. A blog, which regularly publishes useful content that answers questions, solves problems, and gives great value, gives you something to share on social media. Each tweet of a blog post can grow the number of visitors heading to your site. Visitors that reach your site also have something of yours to share if they wish.

3. More time to connect with your targets: Sometimes a visitor needs a little more than your essential web pages provide before they become a customer. With a blog, you now have a chance to win over those visitors that aren’t sold on your sales pages alone. Your blog gives you the freedom to express your values, views, and personality with your target audience. Publishing information about your revenue, notable clients you’ve landed, or projects you’ve created shows that you are the real deal and helps make it a little easier for potential clients to trust you with their business.

4. Another channel of communication: Each post on your blog and its additional comment form gives your audience another way to get in touch with you. Having a visitor open a channel of communication with you can be invaluable and blog comments are a good way of facilitating this.

5. More networking opportunities: By sharing what you are up to on your blog you can initiate some useful networking opportunities. Featuring other players in your industry that you are impressed with can lay the foundation for a potential partnership. Each article you publish on your blog is another piece of content that another website might want to link with. All of this leads to an overall SEO boost for your website which leads to more chances of being found on the web.

Blogging regularly is still the single most important thing that you can do to increase your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). More chances of being found on the web leads to more traffic to your website and more opportunity for increased business. A blog is an inexpensive but excellent way to grow and improve your online presence in today’s digital world.

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