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Generally a website will take 2-4 weeks to be completely designed. For special requests and/or content creation, an additional time frame will be decided on depending on the work that needs to be done.

Depending on your monthly package, you have a set number of included content upgrades. Any additional upgrades will be available for a low one time fee, or included with an upgrade.

As a web design client, we handle the design, wording, and hosting services for your online content. The deposit to move forward on a project is a non-refundable retainer for our time and services.

We offer multiple options for bill pay. The recommended method is credit/debit because it offers you a stress free autopay method. Once your card is on file we will charge your monthly hosting and/or content charges automatically. We also accept Paypal and check by phone.

Based on your physical location and/or your industry, we calculate the optimal area to distribute your content and how often. We use a complex algorithm to calculate exact distribution points in your area.

  • Industry type
  • Local area
  • Complementary locations
  • Product saturation
  • Foot traffic breakdown
  • Transit information
Based on your package, your content will be distributed at complementary locations in your area. Frequency and location will be based on your individual content plan.
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  • Saturday: 11am to 4pm CST
  • Sunday: 11am to 2pm CST

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